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Smaller Wind System


Harness the bountiful Energy of the Wind to bring light into your Homes with the SAMVED SYSTEMS WIND GENERATOR... GENERATORS

The AS 2 PASSAT, is a German designed small wind generator at nominal capacity of 2 kW.

The system is optimized for independent operation and is perfectly capable of serving a steady energy-supply far from public grid-connection and any infrastructure. With its permanent-magnet three-phase-generator it contains a strong and lasting central-unit, which guarantees high electric quality without external current-support.

Setting up the converter is remarkable easy, three people with average technical skill need about one day. Additional machinery is not necessary, usual tools should be available.

Due to its strong and simple technology and its long-lasting performance, the system guarantees a viable power supply with low investment and maintenance costs.


  • Modular design.
  • Simple technique.
  • Easy to set up without crane.
  • Light components easy to transport.
  • Low maintenance high efficiency belt drive.
  • Low noise emission
  • 3 years development experience
  • Integration with solar photovoltaic is possible
  • Electronic converter, regulator and inverter (grid / off-grid available)
  • Parts fully recyclable
  • wind systems

    Areas of applications

  • Rural electrification as wind / PV hybrid systems.
  • For signaling, communication and meteorological applications.
  • As a stand by source for camping, boating and other leisure activities.
  • Technical Specifications

    Power-characteristic AS 2 PASSAT

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