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SOLAR COOKERSAMVED ENERGY SYSTEMS Solar Cookers help you harness the clean and plentiful energy of the cook wholesome, nutritious food.

The box type and parabolic cookers are ideal for domestic and light commercial use. They require no fuel to run nor emit any smoke. The food is cooked cleanly without any loss of colour or taste.

Use the solar cookers to cook dal, rice, chappatis and a host of vegetarian & non vegetarian dishes. What's more, it is known that food cooked in such a natural manner retains all its natural goodness that may otherwise be lost in other forms of cooking.

Solar cookers are easy to install, easy to use and deliver years of trouble free service.

Solar Parabolic Cooker

  • Ideal for domestic and light commercial use.
  • Requires no special utensils.
  • Cooks up to 15 meals a day.
  • Tracking facility ensures fast cooking times.
  • Easy to install, handle and stow.
  • Solar Box Cooker

  • Cooking system ideal for small family.
  • Comes with 3 or 4 special cooking containers.
  • Insulated casing keeps food warm for long time.
  • Portable and easy to use.

    Harness the bountiful Energy of the Sun to cook clean, healthy & nutritious food - with the SAMVED ENERGY SYSTEMS Parabolic Solar Concentrating Cooker...

    What is a Solar Concentrating Cooker?


    The SAMVED ENERGY SYSTEMS Solar Concentrating Parabolic consists of a 7sq. m German Designed, Scheffler concentrating dish.

    The Scheffler dish acts as primary reflector that concentrates light on a secondary reflector. The secondary reflector is flat surface located inside the kitchen, on which the cooking utensil is placed.

    The concentration action of hte Scheffler dish is so highly effective, that temperature of between 450 to 600 can be reached on the cooking surface, all

    The systems can thus be used to cook a wide variety of foods, including chappatis, and other traditional preparations that require roasting, frying or baking.

    The solar concentrating cooker is many times more useful than conventional box type solar cookers.

    The solar concentrating cooker can be easily installed and can cater to the cooking requirements of 80 to 100 persons in a rural or urban environment.

    Salient Features
  • Cooking possible in the kitchen.
  • Once set in the morning, tracks sun automatically.
  • User friendly, easy to move and clean. Safe to operate and durable.
  • Can be used like a gas burner on a kitchen platform.
  • Useful in urban and rural for community kitchens, hostels, hotels, remote camps and the like.
  • Cooks faster than other types of solar cookers.
  • Effectively useful from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset.
  • No need to stand in the heat of the sun.
  • Primary Reflector :

    is part of a parabolic dish made of reflecting sheets supported on suitable rings for holding them in a fixed position. The structure and frame of the bowl is made strong so that the reflectors do not get deformed while turning it in various directions.

    Tracking Mechanism :

    is based on a counter weight that allows the dish to track the sun's movement throughout the day. At the end of the day the dish has to be reset to face the sun and the counter weight is raised.

    Secondary Reflector :

    is located on the kitchen platform inside the kitchen. The secondary reflector is a foil of aluminium pasted on the platform. The foil needs to be replaced periodically since it gets dirty due to spilling of food while cooking.


    Water Heater Harness the abundant and freely avaible energy of the enjoy significant saving in your energy bills. THE SAMVED ENERGY SYSTEMS Solar water heating systems represent the ideal solutions to cater to your hot water needs-whether domestic or industrial.

    The SVAM SYSTEMS Solar water heating systems are manufactured using the highest quality materials and are designed to operate (virtually without any maintenance) for at least 10 to 15.

  • Hot water round the clock with saving in electricity bills.
  • Environmentally benign. Safe & reliable.
  • Low maintenance & no recurring costs.
  • No sales tax or excise levies.
  • Income tax benefits for corporates.
  • Thermosyphon


    Thermosyphon systems are commonly used for domestic and small capacity applications.

    The thermosyphon system works on the principle of natural convection. Water flowing through the Flat Plate Collector absorbs heat and rises naturally towards the Insulated Hot Water Tank. Water in the collector is replaced by cold water entering the collector through a header at the bottom of the collector. This cycle continue until all the water contained in the hot water tank is heated. A thermosyphon system requires uninterrupted supply of cold water.

    Application : Apartments, bunglows.

    Forced Flow

    Forced Flow

    Forced Flow System are used where uninterrupted supply of hot water is required all 24 hours of the day.

    The water in the Flat Plate Collector heats up as the collector is exposed to the sun. As the temperature reaches the preset temperature, a control & activations system switches ON the pump and the water is forced in to the Insulated Hot Water Tank. The hot water in the collector is replaced with cold water. As the temperature falls below preset, the pump switched OFF. This cycle continues throughout the day.

    Application : Hotels, hospitals, process water heating in industries.
    Flat Plate Collectors ('ISI' marked)
  • Selectively coated, highly efficient copper to copper.
  • Corrosion resistant, extruded aluminium section frame with stainless steel fasteners.
  • High transmissivity, toughened & tempered glass.
  • Rockwool insulation.
  • Dimensions : 2080 x 1070 x 100 mm.
  • Evacuated Tube Collector Solar Water Heating Systems

    High Energy Bills ??? Rising heating costs every year ??? Reduced Profits ??? Do you require heating / pre-heating up to 85 C* ???

    IF YES, THEN, USE SAMVED ENERGY SYSTEMS Evacuated tube Solar Water Heaters - an unmatched and reliable solution to conserve energy. The Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heater use the abundant energy of the sun to heat water to temperatures as high as 85 C* and result in quantum saving in electricity or fuel oil.

    The abundantly avaible, free energy from the sun, can be tapped anywhere the Evacuated Tube Collector Water Heating Systems. The ETC systems can be easily installed and integrated with existing water heating systems such as a geyser in houses, steam boilers in industries, or pressurized systems in hotels.

    What's more, the ETC Water Heating Systems pay's back your investment in 2-3 years. With an estimated life span of 25 years, this represents excellent value for money.

    heatin system Benefits
  • Hot water avaible round the clock.
  • Signification energy savings.
  • Non polluting & environmentally benign.
  • Totally safe & reliable.
  • Little maintenance required. No recurring costs.
  • Easy and soft loan schemes available for any size and type.
  • Avail of 100% depreciation in the 1st year itself.
  • Operating life of 25 to 30 years.
  • Applications

    Bunglows, Apartments, Hospitals, Hotels, Canteens, Dairies, Guest Houses, Health Clinics, Laundries, Boiler Feed, Process Requirements, Plating Industries, and all other hot water applications.

    heatin system heatin system
    How does it works?

    A solar water heating system consists of a suitable collector and an insulated hot water storage tank. Solar Water heating systems work on the principle of 'Thermo-Syphon'. Hot water, lighter than cold water, heats up and rises in the collector naturally to the hot water storage tank. For larger systems the hot water may be 'force circulated' between the collector and the hot water tank.

    All glass vacum tubes is the key component of the evacuated tube collector. Each evacuated tube consists of a 'tube-in-a-tube'. The outer tube is made of extremely strong transparent borosilicate glass that is able to resist impact from hail up to 25 mm in diameter.

    The inner tube is also made of borosilicate glass and coated with a special selective coating. the coating has excellent solar heat absorption and minimal heat reflection properties. Vacuum between the concentric tubes eliminates conductive and convective heat losses from the inner to the outer tube.

    Due to the round shape of the evacuated tube, the amount of solar radiation striking the collector is relatively constant from mid morning to mid afternoon. As the sun rays are incident on the tubes at right angle, reflection is reduced. A reflective back plate reflects back any light that passes between the tubes or reflects off the tubes. by the reflective back panel. Radiation is therefore maximized.


    Thank you for installing the ‘Solar Distillation Plant - Solar Still’To fully benefit from the Still, please read the following carefully.



    These systems work by using the light & heat energy i.e.Solar energy which is radiated by the sun abundantly on the earth. Heat from the Sunrays falling on the glass of the still is trapped in the body where the hard water is kept. Due to the heat only pure water gets evaporated and comes at the bottom of the glass due to the slope. This distilled /evaporated water is collected in the can through the semi circular PVC pipe. For cleaning purpose just open the drain , given at the bottom as shown in figure, tilt the still slightly so that water, impurities will drain out through drain.

    This distilled water can be used for topping up in the batteries, for laboratory applications


  • Toughened glass with high transmitivity.
  • FRP (non corrosive) Body.
  • Aluminium Angle (non corrosive) Frame.
  • Total resistant coating to the mounting stand.
  • Can for storage of distilled water.
  • Efficiency (>65%)
  • Specifications
    3mm thick FRP Body
    4mm thick toughened glass
    Aluminium Angle all the four sides
    Mounting Stand
    Mild steel with corrosion resistant coating
    Silicon Sealant
    Important Tips

    The Solar still requires very low maintenance at no recurring cost. To get maximum efficiency and trouble free service from the system please do the following.

  • Keep the glass always facing south.
  • Keep the system in the shadow free area.
  • Clean the glass periodically.
  • Check the PVC pipe for leakage and correct it if any.

    Solar Dryer

    Solar Dryer

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